About Our Center

Sometimes, it is difficult to navigate through life’s challenges.

Our goal at Able Mediation and Counseling Services, Inc. (AMCSI) is to provide comprehensive counseling testing, tools and techniques, as well as mediation services to the elderly, individuals, families, teens, and children to assist with these challenges. It may be difficult to admit assistance is needed to sort through the issues; AMCSI meets our clients where they are by providing assistance through intervention, education, mediation and support. We provide  clients with a welcoming atmosphere where compassion and empathy allows clients the opportunity to share their concerns openly for transformation.

Our Services

We provide services to equip you with overcoming life's challenges and successfully transitioning from one phase of life to the next.

Individual Counseling

If you find yourself feeling sad, stressed out and hopeless about issues in your life, we are here to help. We assist our clients in overcoming life’s obstacles by providing them with skills to deal with difficult situations, making healthy decisions, and reach their goals.

Couples Counseling

Are you having problems talking to your partner, intimacy, infidelity or thinking about divorce/separation? Our therapists provide you with skills to improve communication and reconnect. We help shed light on the root of the problem(s) you are experiencing in your relationship.

Children/Youth Counseling

Many children and teens have problems that change how they feel, act, or learn. As parents, you do your best to help your children navigate this life, however sometimes their behaviors are beyond your parenting abilities. That’s where we come in.

Family Counseling

Even the best families can feel a need for help outside the family's own resources. We provide the family with the tools needed to learn new ways to communicate, work through problems, to relate to one another.

Domestic Violence Classes

We offer a 52 week Batterer’s Intervention/Domestic Violence program utilizing the Court Approved ‘STOP” program. The program will help the participants learn how abusive patterns in their relationships began and develop alternatives to violent and destructive behavior.  It teaches such skills as “time out” and “positive self talk” to prevent violent behavior. Some issues may

Psychological Testing

Have you been referred to a psychologist for testing?   Or are you wondering if you or a family member should be tested. The main source of a person’s problems isn’t always clear. Psychological testing may seem scary, but it’s designed to help you. Psychological tests and assessments help our psychologist understand the nature of the

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes Parenthood can be hard and children certainly do not come with instructions. Our classes are 16 weeks and focus on teaching parents general parenting skills, and helping them develop and maintain positive relationships with their children.

Co-Parenting Classes

Raising children between two homes is a difficult job. Our 16 week co-parenting classes are designed to address problems resulting from divorce and to keep children out of the middle of conflict.